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Software Engineers - Award Winning Tech-centric Hedge Fund - Mayfair

Our client is arguably one of the most technically driven/advanced firms in London, winning multiple awards over the past 5 years for trading, innovation and technology.

Although they are well and truly established after 10 years since inception, the entrepreneurial, vibrant atmosphere in the office would suggest otherwise. They offer one of the most challenging, collaborative work environments in the industry, constantly testing your computer science fundamentals and your capability as an expert software engineer/developer.

Our client is looking for candidates that can demonstrate their absolute passion for computer science, constantly keeping up to date, as well as putting their ideas/research into practise (GitHub, StackOverflow, Hackathons, Olympiads). Preconceptions that Oxbridge/Ivy league candidates may have the advantage can be discarded, as well as financial backgrounds as this is not the case.

At a firm with no weak links, the interview process is designed to allow the candidate to meet with member of various engineering teams, and work collectively to make sure that the role/team is absolutely perfect for you. With an open-headcount, and untold amounts still to offer in technology, they will offer one of the best compensation packages in London, and have multiple success stories of current engineers that have risen progressively and economically.

What you will learn here is untold amounts, with a steep learning curve for any developer, however you will join a team that is known globally for their expertise, innovation and success so far.

There are no prerequisites regarding age, programming languages or background, and all enthusiastic, inquisitive candidates will be considered equally.

For more information, please send your CV directly to